The Wish Kids Feel Our Love When They Need It Most

Happy Living | Make-A-Wish“I especially love doing things that help children.”
(Frank Shankwitz[1])

I love Make-A-Wish.

The organization has been part of my life for over ten years now, and I wrote about our history in the post, Make a Difference in the Life of a Make-A-Wish Kid.

About a year ago, I decided to expand my relationship with Make-A-Wish, moving from a passive supporter (donating my money) to an active fundraiser (donating my time, too). I felt in my heart that I was meant to become more involved, and I listened, because I’ve learned that my heart knows where my happiness lies[2].

To that end, our goal at Happy Living is to raise $6,000 for Make-A-Wish this year: enough to grant the wish of one child with life-threatening medical conditions.

To accomplish our goal, we need your help.

We are presenting inspiring videos and sharing ‘Wish Kid’ stories in hope that you’d feel inspired to watch the videos, share them through your social media channels and give to our fundraiser. If you missed the four videos we already shared–highlighting these amazing kids, their families, and their stories–please meet Sami, Jason, Jack, and Kai here.

As I have been watching these videos myself and writing about the incredible impact that a wish granted actually makes on a family—especially on one that’s been devastated by the experience of caring for a seriously ill child—I know that the Wish Kids and their families feel our love, and it’s often just when they need it the most. And sometimes, just knowing how much others care can make all the difference in their recovery.

So far, we have struggled to reach our fundraising goal, so I’m raising my personal stakes and putting my money (and my feet) where my mouth is. I’m doing this in two ways.

First, my feet: I have just signed up for my second annual Trailblaze Challenge. It’s a 28.3-mile hike along the Foothills Trail, a breathtaking natural wonder, located in upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina. My goal is to complete this incredible course in one very long day, rain or shine, raising awareness (and money) to grant the wishes of children in need of our support.

Second, my money: I intend to match, dollar for dollar, every donation you make to Happy Living’s Make-A-Wish fundraiser. I’m doing this to encourage you to join with me in supporting the Wish Kids!

I know. You’re constantly barraged by people, things and causes wanting to secure your investment: of precious time, attention, and charitable dollars. And yet, I’m requesting that you go beyond and give what you can, when you can. I’m asking that you extend yourself. That you give here. Now. Because we all have something we can give.

There are three ways you can give:

  • DONATE what you can to our fundraiser: here
  • SHARE this post throughout all your social networks
  • ASK companies you work with to participate (To get information about this option, put “Make-A-Wish Corporate Sponsorship” in the Message box here.)

Pay it forward.[3] Every effort matters, big or small. Together, we can help Wish Kids feel our love, which can give them the courage to fight on.

With love and gratitude,




[1] Something Significant: The Wish Man, Frank Shankwitz

[2] I am at my happiest when I’m listening to my heart. I have grown to trust my heart because it knows where my happiness lies. When a thought or an idea inspires me, I can feel it in my body. I pay attention to that.

[3] Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor.

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