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“Hey Matt! So nice to meet you. Let’s talk! I’m doing a series called the Unstoppable Woman. I’m talking to people to interview them on this topic…let’s see if it may be a fit …? Do you do interviews?”

That Facebook message was my introduction to Hemalayaa. We had both been featured in the Athlete Within Summit 2.0 hosted by Renée Ramsdell, and following the summit, Renée suggested that we meet. I am so glad that she did.

It was an honor to be interviewed as part of Hemalayaa’s The Unstoppable Woman Summit, where I was featured alongside nineteen amazing women and one other man. It was during that event, speaking with Hemalayaa about Overcoming Challenges with Inspiration, that I knew I had discovered another ordinary person doing extraordinary work in the world.

Fifteen years ago, Hemalayaa had a life-changing epiphany. It was one of those moments of sudden inspiration that lead to significant transformations of a life. (I describe them as Lightning Bolts.) Hemalayaa’s burst of understanding was about the necessity of living life with all-of-her-self present…all of the time. She describes it as finding that light of knowing within her self, each and every day, no matter what life throws at her. Hemalayaa loves living her life from that private place of self-power day in and day out, and she adds value for others by teaching them how to live this important practice, too.

It is such a pleasure to share Hemalayaa’s inspiring interview with you, because at Happy Living; we believe that happiness, contentment, and living your absolute best life comes from within. We encourage others to follow their heart wherever it leads them because the heart knows where happiness lies[1].

I hope this episode of the Something Significant Podcast, featuring Hemalayaa in all her wisdom and inner beauty, is the lightning bolt you need to find the joy within. I hope that it inspires you to live from your heart-connected self…every single day.

Thank you for listening.

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[1] Excerpt from Turning Inspiration Into Action: “MBG Life Lesson: Follow your heart wherever it leads you because it knows where your happiness lies.”

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