Happy Living Celebrates Character Day and Justice

“Do justly. Love mercy. Walk humbly.”
(Micah 6:8)

Writing today’s post brought back fond memories of two favorite family pets: a dog named Justice and his mom, Liberty. We called our fun and funny Airedale Terriers Justy and Libby. This post, however, is not about Justice, the dog; it’s about the virtue of justice, and it’s part of our series celebrating Character Day.[1]

Character Day is a global online event, featuring experts in the field of character education. The intention of Character Day is to engage schools, corporations, universities, civic groups and others in deep conversation about the importance of character development. Anyone can sign up to participate (sign up here), and all participants receive access to award-winning films, conversation starter kits, a comprehensive online resource hub, and a mobile app, including over 5,000 pieces of curated content focused on the importance of character development. This content is meant to support you in creating and hosting your own Character Day event, and all of these resources are offered here, for free!

Character Day is getting big. Last year, there were 93,000 unique events held in 125 countries, including all 50 states in the U.S. What ties these events together? Each event is focused on a single, simple theme: developing character strengths.

At Happy Living, we believe that every day is Character Day. In the modern world of social media, that belief can be translated into a hashtag, of course: #EDICD.

I think that sounds like “edict,” don’t you?

I looked the word up to make sure I understood what it means. One definition read, “If your mom orders you to clean your room, that’s an order. If the king asks you to do it, that’s an edict — an official order from some higher up.” Of course, we at Happy Living have no authority over you or anyone else, but we do proclaim for ourselves: every day is Character Day.


We write (a lot) to inspire others to live out that edict too. In fact, we’ve been writing about each of the character strengths—wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence—since long before we even heard of Character Day.

Today, we are celebrating the virtue of justice. A quick search on our website for “teamwork” , “leadership”, and “social responsibility”, all strengths listed under the category of “justice,” returned ten different posts! (Teamwork=1, Leadership=9, Social Responsibility=1) Including “equality,” a synonym of “fairness,” returned another four.

Here are excerpts from a few of my favorite Happy Living posts about justice:


How Love Makes You Happier and Healthier

One wonderful aspect of my work here at Happy Living is making new connections with inspiring people (our team) who love and live health and wellbeing. Our guest writer today is one such person. Jennifer Landis transformed herself from a chubby, awkward adolescent living a sedentary lifestyle and eating a bad diet into a self-described health nut, avid yogi, runner, wife, and mom. Her healthy living blog, Mindfulness Mama, helps you find inner peace – even when you can’t find your keys. In today’s post, Jennifer shares three wonderful benefits of love.


Blog Theatre™ – Badass Ladies Blazing the Path to Gender Equality

Scott ponders gender IN-equality when the world is full of so many badass women.


Something Significant: One Simple Thing – The Legacy of U.C. Davis Football

One simple gesture has been remembered for a lifetime, and it helped define a coaching philosophy based on believing in and helping others.

One simple discipline set us apart from every other team. It made us different, and we liked that.

One simple lesson has empowered thousands of U.C. Davis players and coaches over the years. We have learned that success is all about us – how well we prepare and how we play the game, whether in football, career, family, or life.

One simple idea is Aggie Pride. We were the Aggies, we were together, we were different, and we liked that.

One simple act can change a life forever.

One simple legacy… The spirit of belief is the legacy of Aggie Football.

This post is part four in my series leading up to Character Day 2017, which is scheduled for September 13. Check out parts one, two and three to see my favorite posts about Wisdom, Courage, and Humanity. Up next: Temperance.

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[1] Watch 1min Character Day Trailer



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