Your Voice: A Simple Path to Transformation

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”
(Jim Rohn)

The Your Voice series is a celebration of you, our awesome readers all around the globe. We know you aspire to a better life for yourself and for those you love. You believe, as we do, that a better self is always possible, today, every day, for the rest of your life.

We celebrate you by bringing your voice to life on our pages at Happy Living. Whenever you feel inspired by one of our posts, books, blog theatre, talks, or podcasts, we want to hear from you. And when we do, we hope your voice will inspire others, so that together, we can improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time.

Today, we are proud to feature the voice of Gary from the United States. Gary writes about how Turning Inspiration into Action was “interesting, thought provoking, challenging and fun.”

Interesting, Thought Provoking, Challenging and Fun:

Matt’s book, ‘Turning Inspiration Into Action’, grabs your attention, and keeps you turning pages until you exhale and realize you’re done. I like the honesty of the ‘simple, but not easy’ path to personal transformation.

Keith Norris’s foreword sets the bar…’the journey, magical though it is, does not come cheap. Nor is it easy. You’ll have to work, and you’ll have to be dedicated to the outcome.” Now, if you accept personal responsibility for your life, your success and your path, keep reading. This is your kind of book.

Matt provides a process to guide you through answering the age old problem…of getting excited and inspired one day and then dropping back to your pre-inspired life….

The key to Matt’s whole approach is using questions, three in particular:

  1. WHAT inspires you?
  2. WHY is it important to you?
  3. HOW will you bring change into your life?

Matt then opens up and shares the deeply personal ups and downs of several transformations in his life. His conclusion was simple and to the point: “What matters most is that you focus more on the ups, don’t let the downs get you down, and keep moving forward on your journey.”

Now, the book turns its focus on you…”the key to a better life is through creating a better you.” Again, the process is simple and focused, easy to understand, yet requires time and focus to execute:

  1. Accepting Personal Responsibility
  2. Kaizen – continuous improvement
  3. Carefree diligence – relaxed movement/progress

Matt then fleshes out how this transformation looks and feels as you walk through your own journey. He provides insight, support, inspiration, and actionable advice. There is much to this book. Take the time to read it, reflect on its insights, and act!

Then, you too will be able to Turn Inspiration into Action!

Thank you, Gary! You and all of our readers, inspire us to write and to live by the words we write. You are our purpose at Happy Living, and we are so grateful to you. It is always incredible to hear the voice of readers like Gary. Thank you for sharing the journey of Happy Living with us.

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