Your Voice: Moving Closer to Your Destiny

“Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.”
(Bob Marley)

The Your Voice series is a celebration of you: our awesome readers all around the globe. We know that you aspire to a better life for yourself and those you love. You believe, as we do: a better self is always possible…today and every day, for the rest of your life.

It’s our intention that as we’ve inspired you, your voice will in turn inspire others, so that together, we can improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time. So, when you feel inspired by one of our posts, books, blog theatre, talks, or podcasts, we want to hear about it!

Today’s featured voice is Ayodeji Awosika, who says that The Belief Road Map has been an incredible resource for him. Ayodeji thinks that if you are motivated and open-minded this book may help you too.

The Belief Road Map will help you cultivate a guiding philosophy that will lead to a fulfilled, happy, and rich life. This book is aligned with many of the beliefs I have about life and the way it’s meant to be lived.

Me and Matt share several things in common:
• A commitment to lifelong learning.
• A yearning for significance.
• An introspective mindset.

He shares his views on ways to build a healthy lifestyle in several areas including physical, mental, and financial. He talks about his daily practices to create fulfillment. One of which is meditation. I meditate often myself and agree that it’s a great self-reflection tool. He shares his wisdom gained through experience as well as learning. He draws reference to several books and teachings that I’m familiar with.

One of the parts of the book that resonated with me the most is where the author talks about our “shoulds.” Oftentimes we get caught up in worrying about the things we should be doing as opposed to the things we’re meant to be doing.

I never saw the point in working hard to get straight A’s but people told me I should. I’m following my dream of being an author and entrepreneur. But most people believe that I should just settle on finding a safe and secure job and stay there until I’m 65. Instead of worrying about my shoulds I found my purpose and I work everyday towards making my dreams a reality.

This book is a great resource that has been useful in moving me closer to my destiny. If you’re a motivated and open minded person this book will help you do the same.

It is both humbling and incredibly gratifying to receive feedback about our work, and we’re so honored to share Ayodeji’s powerful voice with all of you.

You, dear reader, inspire us not only to write, but also to live by the words that we write. At Happy living, you are our purpose, and we are so grateful to you. Thank-you for sharing the journey of Happy Living with us.

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