2017 Annual Theme: A Willingness To Say Yes To Life

“As I say yes to life, life says yes to me.”
(Louise Hay[1])

In the summer of 2014, I received unexpected relationship advice from a book called Improv Wisdom by Patricia Ryan Madson. I wrote about it in The Power of Yes.

In reading Patricia’s excellent book, I learned the first maxim of improvisation. As she explains, when an actor throws another actor a line, the receiving actor always says “YES” and creates the next part of the story from there. And so it goes, each actor in succession saying “YES” as they build an improvised story for the audience. Embracing this powerful technique has improved my relationship and my life because I more easily and eagerly engage the moment when my automatic response is “yes”.

A year and a half later, I was pleasantly surprised when the power of yes entered my life again.

You see, for one decade now, I’ve have been selecting a personal theme for each year. This is the third year that I have written a Happy Living blog post about it. Choosing and writing about an annual theme is an opportunity to reflect on where I have been and where I want to go. It’s my time to focus on what I need most and how I choose to spend my time and energy. It helps clear my path of distractions, provides an inner power to overcome challenges with grace, and moves me consistently forward in the life I want to live.

My 2017 theme is Willingness. This is my second annual theme inspired by Power vs. Force, a book written by David R. Hawkins. My goal in life is to become all I am capable of becoming with the gifts I have been given so that I am able to give to others, lift them, and help them become all they are capable of becoming with the gifts they have been given. I love David’s book because it taught me that the best way for me to give to others is to climb the ladder of consciousness.

I am really excited about 2017’s theme. Willingness is associated with a view of life as Hopeful, with the emotion of Optimism, and the process of Intention. Willingness is infused with the power of yes. I think that’s why if feels so good to me. Developing a practice of Willingness is yet another step on my journey to becoming a fully realized and optimized person.

With a dedicated practice of Willingness, I’ll work on my 2017 priorities with a mind that is open to new ideas. I’ll focus on doing my work well, for the sake of the work rather than in pursuit of a particular outcome. Most importantly, I intend to say yes to my hopeful inner voice and not be distracted by the critical voices of doubt and worry. I will optimistically and diligently follow my heart because it knows where my happiness lies.

My top work priorities for the New Year include:

  • Writing to inspire…
    • Books – Women of Significance will be my third book, and is scheduled for release in May 2017. Book number four is currently swimming around in my head. It will focus on a process for maximizing the return on investment of attending a conference.
    • Blog – Best practices and ideas for happy, healthy living
  • Speaking to motivate…
    • Talks – Conference keynotes and workshops[2]
    • Podcast interviews
    • Webinars
  • Publishing inspiring writers…
  • Encouraging charitable giving…
    • Happy Living will begin actively raising awareness and money for charitable organizations doing good works in the world
    • Our first organization is the incomparable Make-A-Wish®
  • Experimenting with new practices for happy and healthy living so I can share what I learn with you
  • Exercising to continue my progress with the Body Whisperer
  • Relaxing & restoring my anabolic hormone levels to optimal targets

I plan to work on these priorities with a happy attitude of willingness. I’ll keep my time and energy focused on these seven priorities but maintain an open, curious mind as I do the work. I am optimistic knowing that my priorities reflect who I am and what I want in the New Year. I’m excited because my 2017 theme and priorities resonate deeply with my heart and my heart knows my unique pathway to happiness.

Wishing you every success you can imagine in 2017!

[1] Twitter: @LouiseHay, Facebook: @louiselhay

[2] Contact Happy Living for rates and availability

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