Favorite Quotes From My Favorite Books

Favorite Quotes From My Favorite Books | Happy Living | Inspiration into Action
“Books are uniquely portable magic.”
(Stephen King)

Six months ago I wrote Dropping Tidbits of Knowledge on the World to share how I use my Kindle reader to quickly highlight my favorite quotes from my favorite books. And how Kindle and Twitter interface to let me easily share the most meaningful words of the books I read directly with you.
The Share function on Kindle posts my highlights and notes directly on my Twitter page.

Happy Living | Inspiration into Action

I use the Share function when I’m reading something that supports our Foundations of Health at Happy Living. I use the hashtag #HappyLiving for the shared notes that I post on Twitter. When you click the link, you’ll see the full quote along with the book cover and title.

Happy Living | Inspiration into Action

Below are my favorites from these past six months. And if you’d like to see my future notes as soon as I share them, just follow me on Twitter. If you’d just like to take a sneak peak every now and then, then go to my Twitter page whenever you’re feeling curious.

So, here are my favorites! I hope you enjoy these tidbits of wisdom dropped by some amazing authors! I’ve added the author’s Twitter usernames in parentheses where appropriate in case you’d like to follow them, as I do.

Happy Living | Inspiration into Action

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao
by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (@DrWayneWDyer)

Everyone has a calling to be inspired.

Being creative means trusting your inner calling, ignoring criticism or judgment, and releasing resistance to your natural talents.

Heal Yourself to Happiness: A Simple Guide to Raising your Vibrations and Achieving the Health, Prosperity and Love you Desire
by Deborah Jane Sutton (@Heal2happiness)

Our bodies are naturally designed to self heal. It is only when we experience blocks to this natural healing that distress and disease occurs. It’s not a case of adding the healing. It’s a case of removing the blocks.

Just Be Well: A Book for Seekers of Vibrant Health
by Thomas A. Sult (@DrSult)

Learn to be a compassionate friend—to yourself.

Happy Living | Inspiration into Action

People of Purpose: Embracing Your Uniqueness Changes The World
by L. Boulding (@wizdomlight)

Discover your true self and let it be displayed for the whole world to see.

The power residing on the inside of you is greater than any power on the planet.

The Art of Grace: On Moving Well Through Life
by Sarah L. Kaufman (@SarahLKaufman)

At the heart of grace is ease. Defying gravity, smoothing your actions, reducing friction. Releasing your gifts to the world. Lightening the burdens of others.

Grace allows us to walk lightly and easily, to treat others sweetly and gently, to receive and savor the gentleness of others.

Grace is an act of transformation, making an ordinary moment into something extraordinary.

Tao Te Ching: The New Translation from Tao Te Ching: The Definitive Edition

When action is pure and selfless everything settles into its own perfect place.

The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (@the1thingbook)

Extraordinary results become possible when where you want to go is completely aligned with what you do today.

Accept chaos. Recognize that pursuing your ONE Thing moves other things to the back burner. Loose ends can feel like snares, creating tangles in your path. This kind of chaos is unavoidable. Make peace with it. Learn to deal with it. The success you have accomplishing your ONE Thing will continually prove you made the right decision.

If you like these quotes, you’ll love the books too. Just click on any title is this post to buy your next book today. I recommend them all.

Happy reading!

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