The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula

The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula |“Happiness is an inside job.”
(William Arthur Ward)

Inspiration is universal. It strikes us all from time to time. Whether you’re young or old, rich or poor, male or female, inspiration strikes everyone. And during the first month since Turning Inspiration into Action was published, I’ve had the huge satisfaction of learning that my book has inspired people the world over. Just look at some of the comments we’ve received from our readers:

The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula | Happyliving.comKylie from Australia:

“This book inspires you to take action!”

“I found the personal stories and quotes inspiring and the writing style engaging and thought provoking.”

The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula | Saoirse from England:

“Each time I ‘open’ it and read I am struck by his strength and wisdom and inspired by his unassuming yet self-assured manner and motivated to use that inspiration to spur me into action.”


The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula | Happyliving.comShreya from Hong Kong:

Inspiring, Introspective, Informative.”



The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula | Happyliving.comUnited States:

Jeff said, “Oddly enough, though, what struck me the most was something he said (in a few spots) about attraction.”

Sharon wrote, “He has inspired me to make some important changes to become a healthier and happier woman!”


The Surprisingly Simple Happiness Formula | Robert from Netherlands:

“This book not only inspires, but makes you take action to live your life to the fullest.”



As I’m sure you can imagine, I was deeply moved and very excited to read these comments! They got me thinking once more about a key concept in my life and work – inspiration. Receiving inspiration in the form of ideas about what you’d like to experience, achieve or become is the first step towards living your dream life.

Passion is Personal

Asking, “WHAT inspires me?” is the first part of a process of exploring ideas that come to me in moments of inspiration. This process has worked for me and it can work for everyone: the inspired ideas you have can take you forward on your journey to the life of your dreams, too. Here’s how…

I believe each of us have unique interests, and talents, and purposes for being on this planet. For example, I am passionate about writing books, while you may adore writing songs. I love hiking and paddle boarding, while you may feel happiest when you’re gardening. I’m interested in how meditation and sleep help support brain health, but perhaps what really gets you excited is how political turmoil in one country affects the financial markets in another.

Knowing WHAT inspires you is crucial to creating your dream life, and it’s a very personal thing.  Feeling passionate about something is the key, and it’s also the clue that you’re on the right track.

Happiness Formula

When you are able to combine inspiration and passion, and bring them into your life, you’ll find yourself on the pathway to true happiness.

I have found that the more I pay attention to what inspires me, the more I discover my passions in life. And the more time I spend on the passions of my life, the happier I am. Do you know people who say, “I love what I do”? Those people understand the happiness formula: Inspiration plus passion equals happiness.

I have persistently tried to organize my life to spend more and more time doing what I love, and less and less time doing things I do not enjoy. Responsibilities, circumstances, and responding to the flow of life sometimes require me to do things I don’t love. Spending time to properly pay my annual taxes is one example. But over time, year-by-year, I work to spend more time doing things I love to do. I call these things my “INGS”. They are loving, learning, exercising, reading, cooking, meditating, thinking, boating, giving, playing, traveling, entertaining, working, writing, speaking, researching, and networking.

When I’m doing any of these things, I am combining inspiration and passion. When I’m spending time on my “INGS”, it is very easy for me to say that I love what I do. Working hard to organize my life so I spend more and more time doing the things I love has taken me on my personal pathway to true happiness.

I absolutely believe that spending more time on your own personal “INGS” will take you forward into your own best life too. This all starts with inspiration – with asking: WHAT inspires me? WHAT do I really love doing? WHAT makes me feel free and alive and happy, happy, happy?

So, begin asking WHAT today, and be alert for inspiration. It’s coming your way, right now… and it’s going to strike you very, very soon!

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