Get Outside!

Get Outside! |“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
(John Muir)

Hey y’all, Kyle here. Before I came to work for Happy Living, I spent my time studying wilderness leadership, instructing paddle sports (kayaking, rafting, stand-up paddle boarding) and guiding outdoor adventures. During this time, I have gone out on multiple month-long wilderness excursions, climbed mountains, and kayaked over a 45-foot waterfall. This time and experience has only strengthened my love for the outdoors and my understanding of the immense value one can get by spending time in nature.

Get Outside! |

Today, Friday 22nd April, is Earth Day. You can visit to find out how you can get involved in the day’s public events, or help the movement by taking environmental action in your area or joining its campaigns. My appreciation for the environment gets stronger every time I go out in nature, so this Earth Day I’d also like to encourage you to get back get outside! This doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult, that is the beauty of the outdoors. If you’re usually an indoor type, here’s your chance to create more of a connection with nature, and if you’re a keen nature-lover already, it might be the inspiration you need to try a new outdoor activity or take on an adrenaline-pumping challenge. There are lots of different ways to engage with nature, and here are some ideas for getting outside and reconnecting with the natural world:

1. Read Outside:

Do something as simple as reading a book outside. Go ahead, take the current book you’re reading and head out to a park, beach, or sit yourself under a tree. Spend at least an hour just reading outside and you’ll be amazed at how great you will feel at the end. If reading isn’t your cup of tea, try journaling, crafting, drawing what’s around you, or simply just watching and listening to the sights and sounds of nature.

Get Outside! |

2. Go for a Hike!

If you aren’t someone who often goes hiking, reach out to some friends and turn it into a fun outing. If you don’t know where to go, you can go to a local outdoor shop and ask for ideas, or search online for nearby beauty spots and trails. Hikes are a great way to take in the beauty around you, while getting your body in motion. You could join in with a guided hike if you want to learn about, say, the wildlife or history of an area, or take a picnic and create a fun event with friends. If you’re taking the chance to hike alone for some reflection time, you could break at some point to meditate or pause to simply fill your senses with the sights, sounds and smells. You might even want to paint or draw what you see, take a bark rubbing or write a poem. If it isn’t possible for you to get somewhere for a hike, try simply taking a walk outside, or even doing an outdoor workout.

Get Outside! |

3. Challenge Yourself by Trying Something New:

Have you ever wanted to stand-up paddle board, ride a mountain bike, or try horseback riding? This summer, why not take a class outdoors in something that has always interested you? Your local outdoor store or REI will have classes all summer long, and with group ad sites like Groupon and Living Social, it has never been easier to get in touch with a company that will teach you a new skill.

Get Outside! |

Go for it!

As someone who has spent the last five years exploring the outdoors as much as possible, I encourage you to do the same. There truly is an outdoor activity for everyone, and part of the fun is finding what you personally love. So, whatever your relationship with nature, find something that appeals to you and use Earth Day as the perfect reason to get out into the great outdoors. I promise you won’t regret it.

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