Women of the World, What Makes You Happy?

Women of the World, What Makes You Happy? | Happyliving.com“True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.”
(Audrey Hepburn)

Making connections with like-minded people is one of the best parts of my job, and it’s a critical component of our ‘3 C’ strategy here at Happy Living:

  • Creating content that inspires through writing
  • Building our community
  • Strengthening our connections with like-minded people and businesses


It’s incredibly rewarding for me when our community at Happy Living helps us along. That’s how I met Cornelia Audrey & Lindsey Middleton. A friend read a local news report, Niagara natives search for happiness by Sarah Ferguson, and thought of me. He took the time to email me the article along with this personal note; “I read this attached article, and I thought of you and Happy Living!”

Cornelia and Lindsey have travelled to ten different countries with their video camera, open hearts and, initially, a few nerves. They talked to women of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds about what makes them happy in life. “The common thread is friendship and community,” says Cornelia. The resulting very moving and engaging web series, HappyHer, is available to watch on YouTube here.

I was so inspired by these young women’s journey that I decided to contact them to ask if they’d be interested in exploring synergies between our businesses. They replied with an enthusiastic “YES” and Happy Living made another valued connection. I’m not certain where this new relationship will lead us but I know one thing for sure: The three of us are dedicated to creating content that inspires others.

About HappyHer

Cornelia & Lindsey are on a worldwide mission to discover what happiness means to women. So far these adventurous friends have journeyed to Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Laos, New Zealand, Singapore, Serbia, Slovenia, Vietnam, and Thailand to meet women from different cultures and ask what inspires happiness in them. There are plans for a second series of videos too.

Enthused by their travels, the women they met, and the insights they discovered, a new business was born. The entrepreneurs say the experience “changed the way they view life” and they wanted to share what they learned with others. Each month they post a new video from their travels around the world featuring the women they met along the way. Joy, enthusiasm, and a love of life burst through the screen as I viewed their short movies. I just smiled as I watched… and you will too!

Celebrating Women

Lindsey says she wanted to create HappyHer because women are under-represented in the media and she “wants to show off women… and how cool we are… and brave… and strong… and beautiful.” Cornelia says she thinks HappyHer is important because it “brings attention to women and their voices.” Their videos are raw and real. The women they feature are authentic and beautiful. Their message is spirited and inspiring. You can follow their journey on YouTube, FacebookInstagram, Twitter or visit their website, www.happyhertheseries.com.

As the father of three daughters, and the husband of my one true love, I am so happy that Cornelia & Lindsey are celebrating the women of the world.

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