Exciting Changes Ahead for Happy Living

Exciting Changes Ahead for Happy Living | Happyliving.com“The only thing that is constant is change.”

Change can be difficult. I know I am most comfortable in my consistent, daily routines. I like working in my office chair, wearing my slippers, with a very good idea of how my day will go. Change can also be exciting. New opportunities, challenges, and continuous improvement are invigorating!

About a month ago, my beautiful daughter Kaileen surprised me with some big news – she has decided to leave Happy Living to focus on her growing family. Yes, that’s right… Kaileen and her husband are expecting their first child this summer!

Kaileen has been my constant, dependable partner for nearly two years, helping me launch Happy Living, co-authoring our first book, The Belief Road Map, getting my second book, Turning Inspiration Into Action, ready to publish, and managing our blog, with its big, bold mission. Now she is taking on an even greater mission – that of bringing her first child into the world. What could be better? I’ll miss her greatly, but I couldn’t be prouder of her decision.

Exciting Changes Ahead

While I find change uncomfortable, it often creates opportunity for assessment and redirection. The news of Kaileen’s departure caused me to reflect on what was most important for our company and to take the chance to make some further changes.

I must admit I was quite shaken when she first told me that she was leaving, but now I am more positive than ever about… well, everything! I am certainly excited for Kaileen, but I am also excited for Happy Living. We are making important changes that will help us achieve our big, bold mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time.  

The first change I am proud to announce is the introduction of our Happy Living Experts:

  • Stephanie Dunne, Personalized Nutrition
  • Tom Sult, Personalized Medicine
  • James FitzGerald, Personalized Fitness

Stephanie and Dr. Sult have been our two most frequent guest writers this past year. As Happy Living Experts, they have now joined our writing staff with regular monthly posts. Dr. Sult is a leader in functional medicine, author of Just Be Well, and an inspirational speaker. Stephanie is the founder of Nutrition QED and a registered dietitian who hopes to change the world by helping people connect with food in a healing and satisfying way.

I have also recruited James FitzGerald, aka the Body Whisperer to join the Happy Living Experts team. In 2007, James earned the title “Fittest on Earth” for winning the inaugural CrossFit Games. He is the founder of OPEX Fitness, a company that offers individualized training and coaching education to members worldwide. I’m delighted to welcome him on board.

The second change is that we have officially added Kelly McKain as our Staff Editor. Kelly did such a great job editing our two books I encouraged her to become the editor for our blog too. Welcome aboard, Kelly!

Finally, I convinced my son Kyle to join Happy Living as our Content Manager. I’m sad to see Kaileen go, but very happy to have Kyle join us!

Along with these wonderful additions to the Happy Living team, there are a few things we are eliminating. I believe in “failing fast”. If I try something and it’s not working, I drop it and move on without judgment. Life is too precious to waste time on wrong choices.

Two things I originally thought would be good for Happy Living were Adventures and Products. We tried them and gave our best effort, but they just didn’t work. Dropping these “failures” will help us focus even more on our 3C’s strategy:

  • Creating content that inspires through writing
  • Building our community
  • Strengthening our connections with like-minded people and businesses such as Stephanie, James, and Dr. Sult

I expect these changes will help elevate our blog so it brings even more value to you, the members of our Happy Living community. My great hope is to provide inspiration to help at least one person improve their health and wellbeing, and then another, and another… until together, we have improved the health and wellbeing of the entire world, and made it a happier place for everyone… including, when he or she arrives, my very first grandchild!

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