2016 Annual Theme: Coasting Through My Life in Neutral

2016 Annual Theme: Coasting through My Life in Neutral | happyliving.com

“Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.”

Nearly ten years ago I began a tradition of selecting a personal theme for each year. Choosing an annual theme forces me to reflect on where I have been and where I want to go. My personal theme helps me focus on what I need most and how to spend my time. It helps me see clearer, navigate challenges with grace, and create the life I want to live.

My goal in life is to become all I am capable of becoming with the gifts I have been given so that I am able to give to others, lift them, and help them become all they are capable of becoming with the gifts they are given.

The best way for me to give to others is to climb the ladder of consciousness. I learned this reading Power vs. Force, by David R. Hawkins. I love this book because it helped me understand why different people actually “see” the same “truth” differently. Dr. Hawkins explains, “To be operational, truth must not simply be ‘true’ but knowable” and what is knowable is dependent on one’s level of consciousness.

Dr. Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness1 has been an illuminating framework for my goal to become a fully realized and optimized person. It’s my personal responsibility to climb the ladder of consciousness so that self-improvement becomes my way of life.

The Map resonates with me so much that I am using it as inspiration for my next eight annual themes to help me climb the ladder. My 2016 theme is Neutrality.

Dr. Hawkins’ Map associates Neutrality with a view of life as Satisfactory, with the emotion of Trust, and the process of Release.

With Neutrality in mind, I will work on my 2016 priorities focused on processes rather than results. I’ll simply take one step at a time, without stopping, but also without a frantic rush.

My top work priorities include:

  • Writing blog posts and books – The Belief Road Map will be available on Amazon in January. Turning Inspiration into Action will be available on Amazon in March
  • Sharing best practices and ideas for happy, healthy living
  • Speaking at conferences and organizations about turning inspiration into action – I’m scheduled to speak at ICPA Las Vegas in March and Paleo f(x) Austin in May
  • Continuing Happy Living experiments so I can share what I learn with you
  • Exercising my body back to balance under the guidance of the Body Whisperer
  • Relaxing & restoring my anabolic hormone levels to optimal targets under the guidance of my doctor2

I plan to work on these priorities with an attitude of neutrality, which means I want to enjoy the work without clinging to outcomes. I hope to focus on doing rather than getting. While my body is working, I’ll practice keeping my mind carefree and relaxed.

The key words here are work and relax. It’s important that I keep WORKING on my priorities but RELAX about it. Keep doing but stop stressing. Be satisfied in the process without expecting certain outcomes. I will trust that every small effort is a step towards my goals regardless of the result.

I intend to start slowly and be kind to myself. I will be patient and focus on the work I love rather than the outcomes I want. I’ll start small and slow. I will go easy, but I won’t stop.

My previous annual themes have included:

‘15 Awareness
‘14 Carefree diligence
‘13 Mindfulness
‘12 Spiritual awareness
‘11 Unconditional love, unlimited abundance, and imperturbable serenity
‘10 Simplicity, strength and love
‘09 Joy, happiness and grace
‘08 Abundance
‘07 Change

These themes are permanent parts of who I am and who I strive to be. They help me become more so I am able to give to others, lift them, and help them become more too.

Wishing you a most magnificent 2016!

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