Overcoming Health Challenges: Yolanda’s Story

Overcoming Health Challenges: Yolanda’s Story | happyliving.com - image via Death to the Stock Photo

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.”
(Sonia Ricotti)

Let’s talk about health challenges

Health challenges are part of life. Our bodies are remarkably resilient and also fragile. There are people who struggle every day with chronic illness and undiagnosed disease. And everyone knows what it’s like to have suffered from some kind of injury, allergy, ailment, or sickness at one time. The varying degree of sickness and dis-ease that people experience is astounding. Yet, it is possible to overcome so much.

My health history has been relatively ordinary. I have been to the hospital twice: once for a severe case of mono (mononucleosis) in middle school, and then again in 2012 for back surgery to repair a herniated disc. I exercise, eat healthy, and rarely get sick — aside from an occasional sore throat. Recently, I learned that I have high cholesterol. I’m working to find a physician who can help me lower any risk of future heart disease.

I share all this to say that even with my limited health challenges, I know that feeling un-well can be a huge burden. Along with the physical discomfort, there is often an emotional toll from being tired, sick, and in pain.

Overcoming health challenges to find wellness

A lot people experience severe health challenges before finding their way to “just being well.” Today, I’d like to introduce you to someone whose journey has taught me about personal responsibility and perseverance.

Through our partnership with The Just Be Well Movement and Dr. Tom Sult, I work with a woman on their team named Yolanda Knight. My interactions with her have always been positive. In a nutshell, Yolanda is responsive, helpful, and enthusiastic.

Even after months of working together, I had no clue about the health challenges Yolanda has overcome. When I read her story on the Just Be Well blog, I was floored. I think you will agree that her patience, persistence, and courage are inspiring!

Yolanda’s story: acceptance, letting go, and having faith

As a child, Yolanda was sick often and had way less energy than most kids. She struggled with frequent fevers, an extreme case of mono, chronic fatigue, and pain. The theme of Yolanda’s early years was one of acceptance. She believed that one day she would have an explanation, and hoped for a resolution that could bring her to wellness.

Yolanda’s illness continued to play a major role in her life through high school. She kept a journal with daily health records, although they continued to show no improvement and even a gradual decline. Yolanda realized that letting go of her college dreams to focus on finding answers would be her path. She eventually found a physician who could provide a diagnosis – and roadmap towards recovery.

The next several years were not simple or easy for Yolanda. In the midst of surgeries and treatment for an autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s syndrome, she was also diagnosed with melanoma. Her health was declining rapidly and she was in the worst pain of her life. When Yolanda reached her breaking point, the only option was to start from zero and have faith in new remedies.

Yolanda turned to functional medicine and holistic healing methods. She found relief in ETPS (Electro-Therapeutic Point Stimulation), clean eating, and supplements. Through trial and error, Yolanda finally uncovered a treatment plan that worked for her.

Being positive is half the battle

Despite the twists and turns of her journey, Yolanda persevered. She knew that through her health challenges, remaining positive was one thing she could control. “Being positive is half the battle. When you are positive and when you have a different attitude, I think overall you just feel better.”

Read more of Yolanda’s story in the 3-part series on the Just Be Well blog: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 – or listen to the podcasts: Podcast 1, Podcast 2, Podcast 3.

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