Advancements in Personalized Medicine

Advancements in Personalized Medicine | - image via Unsplash

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
(Steve Jobs)

When we launched Happy Living, an interesting thing happened to me. As I plunged headfirst into our mission to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time, my worldview began to change. The things that captured my attention were different than before.

I have been attracted to innovation and creativity throughout my career. Perhaps due to my focus on the Happy Living mission, the trends in personalized medicine and medical diagnostics have become of particular interest. Three unique companies, which I did not know of before, suddenly came to my attention: Theranos, Fluoresentric, and SomaLogic.

Interestingly, each of these companies were at an innovative stage similar to the two industries I worked in before: Accounts Payable Auditing and International Trade. In both of these industries, my job centered on optimizing business processes. My teams and I helped to “personalize” processes that were previously “centralized.”

We reengineered processes that required big and expensive technologies that were managed centrally (and often slowly) by highly trained technicians. Our solutions helped people in the field use smaller and less expensive tools to do the same processes better and faster.

I first noticed this same trend in a revolutionary blood diagnostics company. Led by their founder, Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos has created what could become a disruptive technology that makes the process of drawing your blood and analyzing your health faster, less expensive, and soon available at your neighborhood drug store.

Next, I was introduced to a company at the leading edge of innovation of infectious disease diagnostics. Dr. Brian Caplin, the founder of Fluoresentric, has dedicated his life to advancing the identification of infectious diseases. Fluoresentric’s breakthrough technology delivers superior results in minutes (instead of hours) and closer to the point of care (rather than waiting for lab results). One day soon, they plan to bring the ability to test for disease into the consumer’s home.

During a meeting at the Fluoresentric headquarters, I was introduced to a company striving to transform healthcare by unlocking protein biomarkers. Larry Gold, PhD, the Chairman and Founder of SomaLogic, believes, “wellness is largely a matter of “actionable” measurement, and that the measurement that matters most is the complex and ever-changing array of proteins that circulate through our bodies in ways personalized to each of us.” Larry says he, “envisions a day when all these measurements can be brought together in a single, inexpensive, and easy test – perhaps even one that can be done at home.”

While I have no direct connection with Theranos or SomaLogic, I am inspired by their passion for innovation and I’m impressed by how they have developed groundbreaking technologies that make medical diagnostics, better, faster, and more affordable.

I am excited, and very proud to announce, that I am directly involved with Fluoresentric as a member of their board of directors. Amazing advancements in personalized medicine lie ahead – I am so pleased to be a part of one of the innovative pioneers!

We are excited to share more about Fluoresentric’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Brian Caplin, in the next installment of our Something Significant interview series on Wednesday, March 11. We think you’ll find his story interesting and insightful!

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