Bits of Inspiration – Goal Setting

Bits of Inspiration - Goal Setting  | - image via Unsplash

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Setting goals is like planting seeds for the life we want to cultivate. There’s power and energy in that tiny little seed, but it needs attention and care to grow. Just like in nature, there are forces that can help or hinder the growth of our dreams. There are forces like water and sunshine – happy coincidences, chance encounters, and the universe conspiring in our favor. Then, there are dark forces that make dreaming big feel impossible.

For the past few months, I have been sharing my intentions and goals on my personal blog, An Extraordinary Adventure. Posting my goals and reviewing my progress each month has added accountability to my goal setting practice. Goal setting is not a perfect science, but with repetition comes clarity and focus. Compared to only a few months ago, I am now more likely to set goals that are realistic and aligned with my priorities. I highly recommend revisiting goals often to build up momentum!

While this has been working for me lately, there are times when I lose the motivation to set goals. When this happens, I go through the motions, make excuses, and avoid goals at all costs. One way to overcome this feeling is to write down one simple, actionable goal or intention. Something like, “go on a 20 minute walk” or “reply to 5 emails.” This trick gets me over the hump, and then with each small goal I can work towards getting back into a goal setting groove.

I also find inspiration in the words and practices of others. Learning about someone else’s goal setting strategy can be incredibly helpful. Do you have any favorite techniques for goal setting or overcoming motivational roadblocks?

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