Introducing the Happy Living Health Challenge

Introducing the Happy Living Health Challenge | - image via Death to the Stock Photo

The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development.
I used to say, ‘If you will take care of me, I will take care of you.’
Now I say, ‘I will take care of me for you if you will take care of you for me.
(Jim Rohn)

We started the Happy Living website six months ago with one mission in mind: to improve the health and wellbeing of the world, one person at a time. It is a small mission and a mega mission. If we have a positive impact on just one person, we have done our job. If we go further, and make even the smallest impression on the world, we will consider it a victory.

Our start has been modest, with 122 email subscribers and an average of 645 unique visitors each month. More important than the numbers is the feedback we have received — positive notes via email and social media, which have praised our mission and website content, and encouraged our progress. (If you would like to receive our posts via email, click here!)

Life is an incredible journey. Through the twists and turns, we aim for courage, strength, happiness, and love. As the quote above from Jim Rohn states, “the greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development.” We hope what we are doing inspires you to take care of yourself and pursue your passions.

In addition to sharing these reflections on the past six months, we want to let you know that this week marks an exciting occasion for Happy Living. We have opened registration for our first official product: the Happy Living Health Challenge!

Happy Living Health Challenge |

It is a 4-week program that focuses on key areas of wellness including nutrition, supplements, fitness, sleep, meditation, goal setting, and gratitude. Each week, participants will learn about, and experiment with, the different foundations of health, all with our guidance and support. The goal of the challenge is to help you establish sustainable healthy routines for your day-to-day living. Click here for more information and to get started.

The Happy Living Health Challenge begins on Monday, October 13th and will end on Sunday, November 9th. We are only accepting a select number of participants, so sign up today if you are interested! We hope you will join us!

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