Kindle Clippings – Surrender, Meaning, Focus

Kindle Clippings – Surrender, Meaning, and Focus | - image via Unsplash

Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.
(Kevin Kruse)

There are different ways to read a book. You can passively take in the words, or actively gather inspiration. You can relax and just enjoy what the author presents – or you can highlight, annotate, and dig for information. One method is not better or worse, and both are useful. Some books grab our attention and demand thought, others ignite a slow burn that simmers over time.

One of our goals is to research, collect, and share best practices for happy living. We keep this goal in mind when we are reading books. Periodically, we will share our Kindle Clippings – insights and highlights with practical applications for every day.

Surrender through meditation

“Stop fighting, eschew violent thoughts and deeds, and give up trying to control others or the world.”
Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

So many of us live with an illusion of power. We believe that we can control others, our environment, and our future. Much of life is about how we react to situations.

Rather than fighting our circumstances, we can approach challenge with surrender. Meditation is a great way to put this concept into action. Sit quietly and try to witness your thoughts without judgement or control.

Do small things with meaning

“Though our jobs and professional careers are important, our song is much deeper and wider than our work. Our song includes our way of being in the world, our personal relationships, our daily routines, and how we create a sense of community.”
Less: Accomplishing More by Doing Less by Marc Lesser

Most working adults spend more time at their jobs than anywhere else, so it’s easy to wrap our identities around what we do. It’s important to remember that our gift to the world, our “song” as Lesser puts it, is not the work itself. Our presence, words, and every day actions are what leave a lasting impact.

Instead of going through the motions, do small things with meaning. The next time you pass a coworker in the hallway, ask them how they’re doing and listen to their response. When you sip your morning coffee, send gratitude to the farmers, workers, and companies that helped to make that cup full.

Put your focus to work

“Whatever gets attention grows in importance; whatever gets neglected shrivels in importance. Use it or lose it can also be applied to day-to-day irritations and minor problems.”
Mind Your Business by Toine Knipping

We sometimes distract ourselves by worrying about tiny details instead of focusing on big goals and dreams. We have a finite number of hours each day, so why not dedicate our focus to things that matter most? One way to let go of small issues is to ask yourself, “Will I care about this a year from now?” If the answer is no, find a way to move beyond the concern. Draw your attention to something that will matter.


If you enjoyed this post, consider adding the books we mentioned to your bookshelf or Kindle. They might just help you live with more surrender, meaning, and focus.

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