Do You Have Helpful Habits?

Do you have helpful habits? | - image via

A habit is a frozen interpretation from the past that is applied to the present.
(Deepak Chopra)

Habits are easy to fall into, but difficult to break. They are with us all day long — from the way we roll out of bed and what we eat for lunch, to how we cross our legs and when we go to sleep at night. Habits are tiny, repeated acts. Their significance is not in a single occurrence, but through the compounding over time. 

There are habits we learned as children, things we picked up along the way, and routines we’ve established as adults. Some habits are on purpose — things we decide to do, which eventually become routines. There are also habits we form by accident — these are things that just seem to happen.

Are your habits helpful?

Do you have habits that align with your priorities? Do you have some that are inefficient or harmful to your health and happiness? When we’re not paying attention, we can settle into the ebb and flow of life… and our habits can get the best of us.

Do you have routines that are in need of a refresh? 

There are some great tools available for uncovering routines. Wearing a Fitbit can show us how active (or inactive) we are during a typical day. Keeping a simple food journal, or tracking calories with MyFitnessPal, can help us recognize our eating habits. Using finance apps like can help us see our spending habits from a new perspective.

Awareness + action leads to happy living.

When we become aware, we can distinguish between on purpose and by accident, between helpful and harmful. If you have habits that are no longer serving you, make the choice to change them. Start small and keep your expectations realistic. Know that your deeper habits will take more time and effort to change. Be steadfast and fair with yourself… and remember to celebrate little victories!

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