Bits of Inspiration – Seeking Solo Time

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Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.
(Benjamin Franklin)

We have so many different kinds of relationships. There are deep, passionate loves… and there’s sweet surface-level flirting. There is the bond we share with our siblings… and the connection we have with our parents. There are mentors we grow to trust… and college roommates we can always count on. There are just as many kinds of relationships as there are people in the world, but the one relationship we all have in common is the one we have with ourselves.

Spending time alone and connecting with our inner-self is crucial. Alone time provides a respite from outside stresses, the overstimulation of Facebook, and never-ending to-do lists. We must give ourselves moments (or hours) of solitude to maintain our mental fitness, happiness, and relationships with others. However, this proclamation is sometimes easier said than done.

There are seasons in life when finding solitude is no small feat. When you are responsible for others (children, aging parents, or someone in need of care), it can be tough to carve out time for yourself. And if you’re able to find the time, it can be difficult to feel totally guilt-free about it. I encourage you to remember that these times are just a season. You will get your alone time back – if it doesn’t come back naturally, you might try making some adjustments.

It’s impossible to take care of others – over the long run – without first caring for yourself. Here are a few bits of inspiration and ideas for seeking solo time:

Go on an adventure and travel alone

If you are traveling with someone, split up for the day

Spend five minutes meditating because you’re wasting time by not wasting time

Grab your journal and de-stress with these four questions

Take yourself out to dinner… all you need is a table for one

Try one, two, or all eight things to do alone

And when all else fails, go for a short stroll or long walk

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