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Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
(Guillaume Apollinaire)

Hello, friends! I hope you are finishing the week with something that makes you happy. I spent last week in California for a mix of work and play. It was a wonderful trip and a great reminder of who (and what) brings me joy. This weekend I am planning to dream up some goals for the second half of this year, go to bed as early as possible, and maybe catch up on a new TV show.

As the weekend approaches, here are a few bits of inspiration and ideas for happy living:

Take a meditation vacation

Do something – or 7 things – to feel more organized

Gather inspirational quotes, like this one

Great advice that inspires confidence in women (good insight for men too)

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Give your home a fresh, spring scent

Feng Shui your way to health and happiness

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