Forgotten Wings

image unsplash24 bluebird

‘Cause we all have wings, but some of us don’t know why.
(Never Tear Us Apart by INXS)

Have you ever watched a child as she accepts the challenge of learning something new? There’s lightness, celebration, and excitement to it. Her pursuit is less about the outcome and more about the journey, which is something we strive to achieve as adults.

When we were young, we greeted newness with open arms. Hesitation and worry did not plague us. Our commitments and concerns did not hold us back. It was as if we had wings that helped us soar, an invincible spirit that enabled us to live and learn fearlessly.

As we travel towards adulthood, something shifts. We begin to hide our wings and conceal our true nature. We compare ourselves to others, take advice about how we ought to be living, and spend our energy on what others tell us is important. Without realizing it, we lose connection to a vital element of happiness.

Living without wings deprives us of our unique interpretation of the world. So, we must give ourselves permission to play — to leap and sing and dance and be silly. We must honor ourselves by making time for self-care, and we must get quiet enough to hear our inner voice.

Consider this a notice! An invitation! Do something — do anything — that acknowledges your wings and feeds your soul. This is the path back to soaring with your invincible spirit.

Image via Unsplash