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  • unsplash-christopher-skor

    Something Significant: Nick Black from Stop Soldier Suicide

    Monday is Memorial Day. While we will be joining the many Americans taking the long weekend to vacation and spend time outside, we also wanted to honor the significance of the holiday…

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  • The Opposite of Perfectionism | happyliving.com

    The Opposite of Perfection

    Are you a recovering perfectionist? That is how Sarah R. Bagley describes herself on her blog and podcast about overcoming perfectionism. Each week she interviews guests about getting over perfectionism, being good enough, and how to lead a “B+” life…

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  • Do You Need to Slow Down? | happyliving.com

    Do You Need to Slow Down?

    In 2005, Carl Honoré gave a TED Talk about slowness. Talking quickly, he shared his journey to slowness – and why slowing down is vital to a person’s life, a greater culture, and all of humanity…

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