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  • Kindle Clippings – Questioning, Adjusting, Evaluating | happyliving.com - image via Unsplash

    Kindle Clippings – Questioning, Adjusting, Evaluating

    Books about diet and exercise can be overwhelming and science-y, but I have read a few recently because the topic is of interest. I am on a quest to find the right approach to nutrition for myself – through research, experimentation, and practice...

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  • My Philosophy for Lifelong Exercise | happyliving.com - image via Unsplash

    My Philosophy for Lifelong Exercise

    Physical fitness is the cornerstone of the Seven Foundations of Health. A cornerstone is the first stone in the building of a structure. In the case of your health and happiness, it is the most important stone. Without it, the entire structure crumbles. You can’t be much good to anyone...

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  • Bits of Inspiration for Long Adventures | happyliving.com - image via Death to the Stock Photo

    Bits of Inspiration – Travel Adventures

    In a few days, my fiancé and I are leaving for Europe. The trip will take us to five cities and we will be gone for a total of three weeks. Extended trips like this take extra preparation. What do you do in the final days leading up to a long trip?

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