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  • My Journey to Whole30 | happyliving.com - image by @kaileenelise on Instagram

    My Journey to Whole30

    A year ago I was deep into wedding planning and thinking a lot about this next phase of my life. Call me vain, but knowing that we’d look back at our wedding photos for years to come was motivating…

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  • Defining Happiness + Special Announcement | happyliving.com - image: Bell Rock Morning by Steven Reynolds on Flickr

    Defining Happiness + Special Announcement

    I have some very exciting news to share, but first I want to ask you an important question… how do you define happiness? Even with a company named Happy Living, there are many times when I pause to think about my personal definition…

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  • Guest Post by Stephanie Dunne: If You Believe It, You Can Use Food to Change Your Life | happyliving.com - image via Unsplash

    Guest Post: If You Believe It, You Can Use Food to Change Your Life

    Today’s guest post from Stephanie Dunne is about believing in yourself and using food to change your life. If there’s a health goal you have been working on, keep reading…

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