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  • image_deathtostock_kellycycling_trees

    A Healthy Responsibility

    Every day we encounter opinions, messages, and images about health. The data is out there, but the stories seem to change constantly. he truth is, everyone is different. Our bodies, minds, backgrounds, and daily routines are different. We change over time, the environment changes...

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  • image unsplash24 bluebird

    Forgotten Wings

    Have you ever watched a child as she accepts the challenge of learning something new? There’s lightness, celebration, and excitement to it. Her pursuit is less about the outcome and more about the journey, which is something we strive to achieve as adults. When we were young, we greeted newness with open arms...

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  • image via unsplash carolinegutmanvw

    Hello, We’re Happy Living

    Getting started is the hardest part. When learning how to ride a bike or drive a car, we start out wobbly and uncertain. With time and practice, our confidence builds. We learn the curve of the roads and the boundaries of our vehicle, so we can eventually look up to enjoy the scenery. As we move through life...

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